Calendar of Events

April 9 - 10, 2020 Thursday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM,
Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Orthwein Floral Display Hall of Ridgeway Center at MBG
"A 20/20 Vision of Daffodils"
Celebrate Spring at the
Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society Show
July 19, 2020
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Classroom #125 at CBEC
Talk by outside speaker to be announced...
Refreshments provided by members.
Sunday, August 30, 2020 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Classroom #125 at CBEC
Bagging and Tagging of Bulbs for upcoming Sales and Exchange.
Refreshments provided by members.
18 - 20,
Friday, 5:00 - 10:00PM,
Saturday, 9:00AM - 7:00PM,
Sunday, 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Greentree Festival, Kirkwood, MO
Join us at the Greentree Festival to sell daffodil bulbs and spread yellow daffodil fever to residents of the Greater St Louis area.
10 - 11,
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM or until sold out, Beaumont Room of Ridgeway Center at MBG
Annual public bulb sale and our big fund raiser.
Setup Saturday morning October 10 in the Beaumont Room 7:30 AM until done.
Sunday, October 25, 2020 NOON - 5:00 PM
Classroom #125 at CBEC
Annual exchange of better donated and purchased bulbs from various sources.
Open to active members only.
Main Course and drink provided,
Sidedishes & Desserts requested.

    Participation guidelines for Daffodil Bulb Exchange on Sunday, October 25, 2020:

  • Members attending at least two events or meetings, prior to the bulb exchange, pay usual $10 entry fee.
  • Members attending less than two events or meetings, prior to the bulb exchange, pay $25 entry fee.
  • Non-members MUST become a member of GSLDS and pay $25 entry fee.