Bob Skaggs

Biography for Bob Skaggs
July 2018 Speaker

Bob & Judy Skaggs grow over 600 varieties of daffodils, but Bob’s true passion are irises. Bob has been hybridizing iris for 12 years. In their garden they presently grow 1,300 named iris varieties, and plant over 3,000 iris seedlings each year from their own hybridizing efforts. Bob has currently introduced 3 Iris cultivars, ‘Marilyn’s Skirt’, ‘Golden Snitches’ and ‘Judy’s Smile’.

Bob has generously donated his new iris introductions to our annual Daffodil Bulb Exchange auction, and they have been highly sought after by our membership. Bob & Judy’s garden was on the 2015 Iris Region 18 Convention tour and Bob grew over 100 guest plants for that event from hybridizers throughout the states. Bob and Judy grow approximately 1,000 named daylilies and also hybridizes daylilies.

Members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society are thrilled that Bob has found time for a presentation about his memories from the 2018 National Iris Convention held in Oregon and photos of new iris introductions from his garden.