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Our Daffodil Show Chairperson, Kirby Fong, is planning and organizing a fabulous Daffodil Show for the 2016 World Daffodil Convention. The Horticulture, Artistic Design, and Photography Daffodil Show Schedules are posted below to view online or download as a PDF file.

2016 Daffodil Show Forms and Instructions

For your information, below are guidelines that will be used at the Daffodil Show.

Horticulture Judges Instructions

Judging Horticulture Collections Using the RHS Method

Clerking Instructions

Documentation for transporting cut flowers to the USA

We hope the following information will be helpful to our 2016 World Daffodi Convention guests transporting cut flowers into the USA for exhibit in the daffodil show;

From the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand you are required to have a Phytosanitary Certificate from your relevant departments of Agriculture stating that "The plants in this shipment have been inspected and found to be free of all life stages of Epiphyas postvittana (LBAM Light Brown Apple Moth)". The rules for New Zealand are particularly stringent.

Daffodils from the Netherlands need only the phytosanitary certificate. It's not obvious what the rules for Canada are, but it's not good for flowers originating in areas of Canada that have asian longhorned beetles.

When you declare your cut flowers coming into the USA, you are directed to an inspector who wants to see the flowers and the documentation. As a practical matter, you want the flowers to be in a box that’s easy to open and close. It is NOT a good idea to use a wooden box unless you also have a certificate that the wood is free of the pests and diseases the USA doesn’t want to let in.

Members of the American Daffodil Society are not experts in interpreting USDA requirements. Please refer to this Cut Flowers and Greenery Import Manual for additonal details!

The 2016 Daffodil Show is a national effort with the following people organizing each section of the Daffodil Show;

  • The Design Section - Carolyn Hawkins and Jean Morris
  • Horticulture Show Schedule - Kirby Fong
  • Horticulture Judges for the Show - Bob Spotts
  • Horticulture Clerks for the Show - Richard Ezell
  • Classifications for Horticulture Section of Show - Dianne Mrak
  • The Photography Section - Teri Carter and Pam Hardy
  • Organizing the Daffodil Show Setup - Kirby Fong and local members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society
  • Show Results Tabulation - Margaret Macneale

Show me your beautiful flowers and creativity at the 2016 World Daffodil Convention - Daffodil Show!

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