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We Are No Longer Accepting Additional Reservations!

The American Daffodil Society greatly appreciates the enthusiastic registration and support for the 2016 World Daffodil Convention in St Louis, Missouri, USA!

The extensive number of convention registrations has exhausted the capacity of hotel conference facilities and tour events. At this time we need to halt the acceptance of further convention registrations.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience our “SOLD OUT” status has caused. If you wish to be added to a “Wait List” for reservations that may open due to last minute cancellations, please contact our Convention Registrar at and he will contact you if openings become available.

Convention Policies:
Registration cancellation policy; If an emergency occurs which causes a person who has registered for the Convention to cancel her/his attendance, a full refund of Registration Fee will be made if notification is received by the Convention Chairman or Registrar at least one week before the Convention begins, otherwise, the cost of meals selected on the person's Registration Form may be subtracted and the remainder of the Registration Fee refunded.

Late arrival at the 2016 World Daffodil Convention; If notification is received at least one week in advance of the Convention, then the cost of meals missed may be refunded. Similarly, if when registering (at least a week ahead of the Convention) the attendee informs the Registrar that his/her arrival will be late, then the cost of meals missed will be subtracted from the Registration Fee.

Early departure from the 2016 World Daffodil Convention; Requests for partial refund of fees due to early departure will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A refund for meals not taken because of an emergency, early departure will only be granted when there will be a Convention surplus, since the Convention is obligated to pay the cost of these meals to the hotel. The cost of meals to be missed may also be subtracted from the Registration Fee, if a guest notifies us that he/she will need to leave early, and that notification is given seven or more days before the start of the Convention.

Supplementary Meals for spouses, children, or friends not registered for the convention; We welcome the spouse and/or children of our registered guests. Often these family members will not register and will not attend program activities. You can purchase meals for your family members or friends, even though they are not registered for the Convention. Please refer to our 'À la carte pricing for friends, family, and guests not registered for convention activities' section of the registration form for costs of supplemental meals, or use the ADS Webstore - '2016 World Convention - Separately Priced Items' product category to pay for separate meals, and also include this information on the registration form that you email to our convention Registrar.

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The mission of the American Daffodil Society, our National organization, is to be an internationally recognized not-for-profit association of individuals, organizations, companies, and/or universities dedicated to the encouragement of widespread interest in daffodils, and to research and education with respect to their culture, breeding, preservation, diseases, pests, testing and exhibition.

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