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Please review the following Symposium Session topics and speakers for the 2016 World Daffodil Convention;

  • Species
    • Dr. John David from the United Kingdom will talk about how DNA studies have explained evolution in Narcissus - Evolution of Narcissus Species.
    • Dr. Harold Koopowitz from Tustin, California will talk about the evolution of the autumn flowering narcissus - The Autumn Flowering Daffodils.
    • Juan Andrés Varas from Chile will talk about the wild narcissus in Spain - Narcissus in the Wild.
  • Miniatures and Intermediates
    • Wilfred Hall from New Zealand will talk about his miniature and intermediate breeding successes - New Zealand’s Miniature and Intermediate Daffodils.
    • Terry Braithwaite from England will talk about miniature daffodils in England - Miniature Daffodils in the United Kingdom.
    • Larry Force from South Haven, Mississippi will talk about his miniature daffodils - New American Miniature Daffodils.
  • Historics and Classics
    • Sara L. van Beck from Atlanta, Georgia will talk about Historic daffodils in the USA - From Broadside to Photogravure: Daffodils in Catalogs
    • Mitch Carney from Boonsboro, Maryland will talk about Classic Daffodils - Consider the Classics
      Note: This session is the ADS Judges Refresher at the 2016 World Daffodil Convention
    • Caroline and Andrew Thomson from Scotland, a direct descendent of the well-known Backhouse Family, will talk about the Backhouse Daffodils - The Backhouse Heritage Daffodil Collection at Rofsie-Estate Fife Scotland – a unique insight.
  • Daffodils Around the World
    • Brent Heath from Gloucester, Virginia will talk about hybridizing daffodils in the US - American Hybridizing.
    • Nial Watson from Killinchy, Northern Ireland will talk about daffodils from the U.K. - Ringhaddy's Daffodils.
    • Graeme Miller from Te Awamutu, New Zealand will talk about daffodils from New Zealand - Daffodils from New Zealand.

Please review speaker biographies, and expansion of Symposium Session, by clicking on each Speaker's name.

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