Peter with Shaw Nature Reserve Trophy

Biography for Peter McAdams
February 2018 Speaker

Peter McAdams will be our February 2018 guest speaker and will give a program entitled Bees - Natural Pollination.

Peter and Jan McAdams have been Beekeeper's for a number of years and are the owners of McAdams Apiary, located in Brighton, IL. Their bees produce, and they sell local honey bottled or comb. They build and sell many styles and sizes of Observation Bee Hives, and regular hives assembled with or without bees. They are also a nationally known Apitherapy location using honey bee products and Bee Venom Therapy (BVT).

During Spring stop by the McAdam's Daffodil Farm, an American Daffodil Society Display Garden, to view the thousands of daffodils throughout their property. In Summer, they specialize in vine ripened home grown tomatoes, sweet peppers, and many varities of hot peppers. They are known for the many varieties that they grow

Members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society are excited that Peter has found time in his busy schedule to help us appreciate Bees in our Garden.