Mariel Tribby Garden

Biography for Mariel Tribby,
February 2016 Speaker

Missouri Botanical Garden horticulturist Mariel Tribby will be our February 2016 guest speaker with her program entitled Mission Not Impossible: Perennial Borders.

Mariel is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and earned an Environmental Science degree from the University of New Mexico. An organic farm internship after college started her on the horticultural path. She moved to Pennsylvania and spent a season as an intern at Chanticleer Garden, followed by the two-year Professional Gardener program at Longwood Gardens. During the program, she became very interested in alpine plants and rock gardens and was able to set up two international internships for the following summer. Her internships at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in Scotland and the Lautaret Alpine Botanical Garden in France were some of the most influential experiences of her life. Currently, Mariel is an outdoor horticulturist at Missouri Botanical Garden, in charge of the Perennial Border, Bavarian Garden, and Rock Garden. She has worked at the garden for over two years, and enjoys growing a wide array of plants from all over the world in her areas. She is also active in the North American Rock Garden Society, as chair of the local chapter and as an attendee of the national meetings.

Members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society are pleased that Mariel will take time from her busy schedule to take us on a journey to discover plants in faraway places and the Missouri Botanical Garden.