Dave Niswonger

Garden Daffodils and Hybridizing Insights

Dave Niswonger has been hybridizing for many years with a variety of plant species. He expanded his efforts and interest with daffodils in 1980, and has created and registered some wonderful daffodils. Dave shared his photos and hybridizing insights with us during our February 2014 meeting.

Dave gave a extraordinary presentation that focused on his hybridizing efforts with his daffodils and trends he has observed over the years. Addressing questions about his focus and what the future holds for his hybridizing efforts.

Members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society were thrilled that Dave took time from his busy schedule to talk with us at our February meeting.

Dave discussing daffodils with the hybridizers in the group

Biography for Dave Niswonger,
February 2014 Speaker

Dave Niswonger started hybridizing irises in 1953; he has over 250 Iris introductions, and is a Past President of the American Iris Society. He won 2 Dykes Medals from the AIS, 14 Eric Nies Awards for Spuria irises, and the Bennett C. Jones award for Median irises.

Dave received the Sir Michael Foster Plaque from The British Iris Society for the International promotion of the iris worldwide. He also received a Gold Medal from Moscow and a Silver Medal from Orleans France for irises. Dave was also awarded the Gold Medal from the Men’s Garden Clubs of America for Horticultural achievement.

He started hybridizing daffodils in 1980 and has introduced 30 cultivars. Dave also introduced 3 dahlias and 7 gladioli, and won an All-America Award for one. He has introduced over 60 daylilies, 2 Hickory Nuts, 2 Black Walnuts and 3 English Walnuts.

Members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society are overjoyed that Dave could take some time from his busy schedule for a presentation about the daffodils in his garden, and share some of his hybridizing insights.